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 Three years ago Slovenian coach Marjan Fabjan followed Urska ZOLNIR into the Excel Arena at the London Olympics and sat matside as Zolnir won gold in the -63kg category. Today, on day four of the 2015 world championships in Astana, Fabjan, a legend among coaches, was matside again as this time, in the Alau Ice Palace, Tina TRSTENJAK (SLO) at -63kg became Slovenia’s first ever world champion. In an attractive display of attacking judo, Trstenjak defeated first Pari SURAKATOVA (RUS), Edwige GWEND (ITA), then, in the quarter final, TSEDEVSUREN Munkhzaya (MGL) and in the semi final Juul FRANSSEN (NED) before facing reigning world champion Clarisse AGBEGNENOU (FRA) in the final. Having won bronze at the world championships last year, and spent a good part of this year atop the IJF world ranking list, it was no surprise to see Trstenjak in the final. But the measure of her defeat of Agbegnenou (who was making her third appearance in a row in a world championship final) was both clinically efficient and surprisingly dominant. Trstenjak was first to launch a serious attack, doing so with a strong left sided o sot gari that had Agbegnenou twisting on her way down to the tatami to avoid being scored upon. Within seconds Agbegnenou was again on the defensive as Trstenjak dropped low underneath the Frenchwoman to throw her with ippon seoi nage for waza ari. From that point on, Agbegnenou could have been expected to have chased the contest. However, it was Trstenjak who continued to attack and frustrate Agbegnenou at every turn, scoring yuko with makikomi to extend her lead. There were no other scores and Trstenjak was a worthy winner who had clearly prepared well for her match-up with Agbegnenou. “I knew that I had to be first to attack and to keep her [Agbegnenou] from settling and launching big attacks”, said Trstenjak. There can be no question that the Slovenian is a vastly improved player in the past twelve months, not only in her fighting style but also with this her finest result.

Desetčlanska slovenska judioistična odprava bo prihodnji teden nastopala na svetovnem prvenstvu v Čeljabinsku. Med posamezniki se bodo borili Vlora Bedžeti (do 57 kg), ki je na lanskem svetovnem prvenstvu osvojila bron, Rok Drakšič (do 73 kg), Andraž Jereb (do 66 kg), Petra Nareks (do 52 kg), Tina Trstenjak (do 63 kg) in Ana Velenšek (do 78 kg). V ekipni konkurenci pa bodo sodelovali Anka Pogačnik (do 70 kg), Jesenko Četić (do 81 kg), David Kukovica (do 90 kg) in Vito Dragič (nad 100 kg).

The Junior World Championships in Ljubljana saw an unforgettable energetic team event on Sunday

 The men’s team competition featured 16 teams of five judoka while the women’s team competition featured 15 teams of five judoka. 
Host Slovenia took part in the men’s event and provided some of the best moments of the day as the crowd urged them on in their spirited pursuit of a medal. 
As the competition gathered pace judo fans saw Georgia emerge in the men’s event and Japan come to the fore in the women’s event. In a repeat of the 2013 World Championships in Rio, the brightest talents from Georgia and Japan matched their senior team’s gold medal-winning achievements in the third and final World Championships of the year. 
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Why Judo is so important?

Judo is recommended by UNESCO for the child's practice: “is the most effective link between the psychic and the physical welfare of the child, because it allows through play and fun the development of this one”. Judo is an Olympic sport since 1964 and the IOC considered Judo as the most complete sport, improving the quality of life of those who practice it. 

 The opening day of the first Judo Grand Prix in Croatia, Rijeka 2013, proved to be a pulsating day of judo as established judoka and emerging talents hit the medal trail at the Centre Zamet on Saturday.

After one day of fights Germany lead the medal table with two gold medals from their all-star female contingent who are riding a wave of success after their medal exploits at the World Championships in Rio. Host nation Croatia were among the medals as veteran Marijana MISKOVIC (CRO) secured a hard-fought bronze medal to earn the loudest reaction of the day.
The best male athlete of the day prize was awarded to -57kg gold medallist Miryam ROPER (GER) while -60kg winner Beslan MUDRANOV (RUS) won the male award. 


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